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1) How do I differentiate between perfume from other types of fragrances?

There are different types of fragarances available in the market. Parfum (Perfume), Eau de Parfum (EDP), Eau de Toilette (EDT), Eau de Cologne (EDC or Cologne), and Eau Fraiche (Deodorant).

Perfume also known as Parfum and "Extrait de Parfum" has the highest concentration of fragrance oil. This also makes perfume the most expensive fragrance formulation in personal care.

Higher the concentration, the longer will the perfumes stay on you after application. Your fragrance packaging box or bottle will the type of fragrance it is.

2) When will I receive my order ?

We strive to dispatch your order immediately upon order confirmation and you should receive your order within 5-7 working days. We provide you with the tracking details and ensure that you receive your luxury perfumes at the earliest. For detailed shipping policy, you can visit our T&C - Shipping policy page on this website. We only provide our services & products in India currently.

3) How can I make a payment ?

We currently provide various methods of payment such as debit card, credit card, UPI, netbanking, payment wallets & more through our secured payment gateway partner - CC Avenue. We also provide cash on delivery option in selected serviceable areas.

4) Where else can I purchase your perfumes ?

We have partnered with various platforms such as Amazon India, Flipkart, Myntra & more to provide accessibility of our perfumes across India.

5) What can I do to make the perfume last longer post application? 

There are a few practices that will help the perfume stay longer on you. 

A. Having a shower before applying perfume helps the fragrance to integrate well and accentuates all its notes. Ensure that your body is dry and free of any other scents from your body wash, shampoo, soaps or conditioners.

B. Applying moisturizer or petroleum jelly on the body before applying the perfume helps maintain the original notes of the fragrance. 

C. If you are using a parfum, it is advisable you apply it directly on the skin. The oil shall retain well on your skin as compared to your clothes.

6) What are pulse points and why are they important? 

Your pulse points are the parts of the body where your blood is closest to your skin. These are the best spots to maximise the intensity and longevity of your perfumes. 

Some of the pulse points for Men and Women are - Neck, Back of the ear, Jaw, Chest, Shoulder, Inner elbow, Forearm, Wrist, Back of the knees, Calf area and Ankles.

7) What are notes in a perfume? 

Notes in perfumery are descriptors of scents that can be sensed upon the application of a perfume. Notes are separated into three classes: Top/Head notes, Middle/Heart notes, and Base notes. 

8) What are the differences between Top, Middle and Base notes?

Top, Middle, and Base notes make what we call the Fragrance Pyramid. 

Top notes are scents that are perceived immediately on the application of the perfume.

Middle notes are scents that emerge just prior to when the Top notes dissipate.

Base notes are scents that appear approximately 30 minutes after application or after departure of the middle notes.

9) Can I store my perfume in the bathroom? 

No. Always avoid storing perfume in the bathroom. The ideal place would be a cool and dry place, away from sunlight. 

10) What if I accidentally spray perfume in my eye? 

Rinse off immediately and see a doctor if you experience any irritation. Fragrances are for external use only and their application should be avoided on sensitive areas like eyes, groin, or near the mouth. 

11) Are perfumes flammable? 

Yes. Avoid spraying or applying your fragrances near fire, flames or while smoking.

12) What makes Israel Philip Fragrances different from other brands ? 

Unlike other brands, our products contain fragrance oils that are created from natural cultivations as opposed to complete synthetic mixtures that are used in the market. We not only create luxury fragrances but also are mindful of the society and ensure that we take care of the society we live in by running social impact and empowerment programs.

13) How are the Israel Philip Fragrances scents created? 

Our luxury perfumes are created by three of the globally-renowned perfumers namely, Olivier Gillotin from the US, Marion Costero from France, and Guillaume Flavigny from Rome. Our perfumes are created by ethically sourcing oils and combination cultivations from across the world.

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